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Amazing 10 Islands and Sea Beaches of around the World

God created the world in the mix of the mystery and beauty. There are many wonderful things in the world that are always surprising us. In between, a paradise for lovers or island travel lovers. Today, the whole text of the beautiful and amazing 10 islands and sea beaches of the world.

  1. Navagio Beach

Source: touropia

Navagio sea beach is also known as the bay of broken ships or smugglers. It is located in the coastal Lunayya island of zakynthos of Greece. Originally known as the Agios Georgios in the 1980s. It is said that in 1980 a ship of smugglers came crashing down on this island in bad weather. The debris of this ship gave a new look to the whole island. Behind the hills and the ocean waters of the ocean will be able to attract any sea lover.

2. Benagil Sea Cave in Portugal

benagil sea cave in portugal
Source: Essential Home

This is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world as well as Europe benagela. It is located in the southern coastal region of Portugal. Only the waterway can be reached here. In the summer, many tourists come here and gather in the crowd. Especially for the sunset, the beach is an alluring dreamer.

3. Pink Beach in Bonaire

Pink Beach in Bonaire
Source: Weird Monk

Located in the Caribbean, this beach is famous for its distinctive feature, and it is the pink sand of the sea shore. When the sun gradually increases or decreases the water, the sea’s sand becomes pink. The island is very lonely. So it can be a favorite place for travelers to travel.

4. Kauapea Beach in Hawaii

Kauapea Beach in Hawaii
Source: WallpaperStock

This seafront is sometimes called “Secret Beach” in the US state of Hawaii. Lighthouse is also very close to the beach, which is very interesting to travelers. Those who love to surf also go on the beach to take special interest.

5. Playa del Amor in Mexico

Playa del Amor in Mexico
Source: OrangeSmile

This beach has to go through a bicycle route with a speedboat from Mexico’s Puerto Vallarta. There is also an artificial tunnel in the island. This island beach is quite popular among international tourists, especially young people. If you want to pass on a romantic time, this marine option does not seem to be anything else.

6. Dry Tortugas in Florida

Dry Tortugas in Florida

Everyone may have heard the names of the famous sea beaches, but they will be less familiar with Dry Tortugas. The location of this beach is approximately 70 kilometers away from main Florida. It has significant importance in tourism. It is good to know, however, that this seashore usually confronts the various migrants coming to the city.

7. Lord Howe Island in Australia

Lord Howe Island in Australia
Source: Pandotrip

This island, located in Australia, is an exquisite place of natural beauty. If you want to go around a backpack on a shoulder with a mountain bike, then there is nothing more beautiful than this. However, you can not visit the island anytime you want. At the same time only 400 hundred people were allowed to stay on this island together. So you have to go through the proper process already.

8. Whitehaven Beach in Australia

Whitehaven Beach in Australia
Source: Tourism Australia

Another beach in Australia surrounded by many islands is the White Beaches. Surprisingly, all the sand in this sea beach is white color. It is also said that the white and clear sand on earth is only white.

9. Koh Lanta in Thailand

Koh Lanta in Thailand
Source: The Finder

It is one of Thailand’s most islands on the coast of Andaman Sea, one of the few islands in the world. Somewhat wild mangrove forest, and this beautiful island of nature is one of the most desired objects to the tourists. Living in different fishermen groups around this island.

10. Holbox Island in Mexico

Holbox Island in Mexico
Source: Intelligent Travel, NG

Located in the coastal region of Mexico, this island is very much outside of mechanics. To go here with ferries or boat. Once again, no one will want to get back to this trash filled earth. There is no carriage in the engine. The only hope is that there are two seats of small cars available for foot walks or small golfers.

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