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Arecibo Message: The message that is running away to another planet

Nobody or anyone on earth, Arecibo’s message is the target of 25 thousand light years away from the star of the constellation Cluster Messier 13! Since sending, the 1,679 binary 3-minute message has been running for the last 44 years. This message is considered the first intertidal message in the world.

When the message was sent, it was the most powerful sound signal produced up to that time, which was equivalent to 20 trillion watts of all-time broadcasts. In November 1974 the scientists of the Arecibo Observatory of Puerto Rico sent it. This message, sent to communicate with vignette animals, occupies important places in history for various reasons.

arecibo message: the message that is running away to another planet
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Why is the message sent?

The planet is the smallest planet in the universe. There are millions of such planets in the universe. It is believed that some of them may have the existence of life. There may be intelligent living beings than humans. If there is existence of life in the universe, it is necessary to communicate with them in exchange of messages. And in front of this purpose, some basic information about humans and the world is sent to the binary number signals in space. Another purpose of sending the message was to test the energy telescope of the Arecibo radio. As well as attracting people to science.

arecibo message: the message that is running away to another planet
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But Donald Campbell, a colonel at the University of Colonel, who was associated with this project, said, “This is a symbolic step, whose purpose is to show that we can do it too.” The purpose of sending the message is to be considered as the most realistic, The distance of the constellations is 25,000 light years away from the Earth. If the word sign comes to an animal in that star, and if they send the answer to that signal on that day, then it will have to travel again to the world of 25 thousand light years!

A group of researchers from the United States Colonel, who were led by Dr. M. Frank Drake and collaborator Carlos Segan Phang Drake, as a Jurist and researcher, is well-known for confirming the formation of the Alien calculation of the universe “Drake Equation”. The message of the 1679-bit broadcast on Messier’s 13 constellations was sent to 2,380 MHz frequency. And at that time the Arecibo Radio Telescope was the world’s largest and strong radio telescope.

arecibo message: the message that is running away to another planet
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What is the message?

The Arecibo message was originally written in binary numbers. That is, through 0 and 1 The message has been arranged through 23 rows and 73 columns. The message is divided into 7 parts. As per the list below,

  1. At the top, there is a horizontal number from 1 to 10 horizontally.
  2. The second column contains hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus atomic number. DNA is made by these basic materials.
  3. The third column contains the formula between DNA nucleotides and base formulas.
  4. The number of DNA nucleotides and the DNA’s double-edged spiral shape is given. But here’s the wrong message. Since the number of nucleotides in the DNA is estimated at 4.3 billion, then the information is inserted here. But modern studies have proved that its number is approximately 3.2 billion.
  5. The fifth column has been added to the human shape. The figure of the human height of the shape of the shape has been given at the right and at the right, the population of the world is 126 mm and 4.3 billion respectively.
  6. The sixth column has the shape of the solar system. First, the sun, then gradually defined the shape of the planets, and the position of the earth in a special way to give it a special meaning.
  7. The last column is the address of the sender! That means the size of the Arecibo telescope, its diameter and the wavelength of the message.

arecibo message: the message that is running away to another planet
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The answer to the rumors.

A surprising rumor message in 2001 was found in replies to the Arecibo message. However, it is not through radio signals, but in the US Hampshire, a crop field appears to be a great painting or crop circles, similar to the Arecibo message. The mysterious crop circle also contained a similar number of Arecibo messages for 1-10, but the third layer was shown in the formation of their DNA! As shown in the accompanying picture, the nature of the sender, the structure of their solar system, their height, and the image of where it was sent. And another crop circle was painted by a face. Although the Crop Circle in the mysterious was clearly a hoax, there were also many people to believe in it, and still many think this reply is not false.

The future of the Arecibo message

This year on November 16, when the age of the Arecibo message reached 44 years, it has reached 259 trillion miles, where it will reach 146,965,638,531,210,240 miles! Which is the very small part of its original journey. It does not even know where the signal is going to end or when it comes to successfully reaching someone else will be lost in the outer cave of space. However, if there are any living organisms in the universe, their technology, their type of thinking or the kind of information that is not present in the world, so it is wise to take this message as a message.

arecibo message: the message that is running away to another planet
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That is why there is no other greatness in this message except for raising some curiosity. If it can be assumed that there are intelligent living creatures in the universe and if the message reaches out to an intelligent animal, if they understand the message and send the answer, then it can tell whether the earth will survive until it reaches the earth.

We can get a message sent to the thousands of years ago, before reaching out to them for viognier animals. Yet the question remains, will we stay till then?


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