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Digital Marketer at Digital Marketing

Technology and the internet have changed our lives in many ways. One of its biggest impacts has been opening up new ways to earn money on the internet.

These days there are beautiful options for starting an online business, which gives you a reliable lifetime income and business.

Successful Online Business Ideas Given on Quora By Roshan Fardeen

1. Training/Online courses

People are quickly realizing that the things they learn in their universities have nothing to do with their life.

They are also realizing that in contrast to the traditional education system that remained unchanged since ages, training in specific domains of their interest helps them make a decent living. Even, the degree for dignity trend is falling.

This is the right time for you to gain expertise in a good niche and start your training career.

You can kickstart your training business on platforms like Teachable to host your training courses. Once you set up your training course, marketing is a challenging task.

Here are some of the tips to effectively market your training courses:

Create a funnel for free offers, low-risk offers, webinars, etc to warm up your cold audience
Get some traffic acquisitions to your funnel by creating free content on places where your target audience hangs out. Maybe on YouTube, Quora, FB groups, etc.
Provide continuous value to your course-buyers by giving them access to your member-only forum, groups, so on.
Create an affiliate program for getting people who are interested to promote your training courses.

For example, you can check out MKR academy

who has a lot of good and valuable courses in digital marketing?

2. Selling Digital Products

This is the next profitable business online. You can see it everywhere. People sell eBooks, their songs, informational products, WordPress plugins, themes, and also tools for productivity.

This is not a passive income for selling digital products. If you publish an eBook or other informational products, then it’ll be more or less a passive income.

As technology is rapidly changing day by day, new requirements, and problems are arising. So every day, there’ll be new opportunities for product creation.

Depending upon the product you are selling, this will return you a long term sustainable income.

Here are some marketing strategies you can make use of:

  1. Hiring a full-time email outreach expert and get your app listed on some of the prominent online blogs.
  2. Offering a generous free plan for your app with some strategic features available only in paid plans, it opens the entry to your funnel wide.
  3. Offering a bit longer trial period for your apps – make sure you have a system in place so that users’ won’t abuse the trial.
  4. Offering a lifetime deal on your minimum viable apps on places like Stacksocial, AppSumo for a limited period of time.

3. Web Developer

In a world proliferated with websites, a web developer is a person of critical importance. It won’t be wrong to say that as long as there are websites being launched, the demand for a quality web developer will never cease.

A web developer is someone who knows how to design a website from scratch. But to make this online business work, you need to know coding which takes time and lots of hard work.

Even if you don’t know the program you can create some awesome website by WordPress. For the free tutorial, you can click here.

Any web developer who wants to get into the business of web development

needs to be familiar with the latest technologies, supporting framework and design trends.

But if you’re ready to put in all the hard work needed – it can pay you quite well.

4. Blogging

The best part about blogging is, unlike creating digital products, blogging requires little investment. You just need to get a web hosting account, get a domain and install free WordPress on it. You are good to go.

In order to succeed in blogging, you also need some skills like SEO, content creation, and promotion. Although you can learn all these skills on your own, this will take years to learn and implement them.

When it comes to blogging, there are three main ways in which you can earn money.

  • Promoting your own products
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Advertising or using AdSense

I recommend you to either stick to Affiliate Marketing or Advertising. Because success is where the focus is.

If you want to create a new website by yourself then you could do it very easily by WordPress. Click here for the tutorial.

5. Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing, why, how, for whom?

The large company has a team for Digital Marketing. They did for their marketing and getting customers.

By freelancing their requirements to you, they can save on costs with their larger rivals, while you get your clients and make some serious money as a DM consultant.

Best Digital Marketing Important Tips And Guidelines

6. Freelance Writing

If you have a natural inclination and talent for writing, freelance writing could be your ticket to starting a freelance writing business online.

As a freelance writer, you will be expected to deliver customized content ranging from blog posts and news articles to marketing-driven content that gets people to take some form of action.

Finding relevant freelance writing assignments is also not so difficult. You can start by registering on dedicated websites like

As of now, the review writers, digital marketing writers, health care professionals, finance and law writers earn more money in the freelancing industry. Click here to learn freelance writing.

7. SEO Expert

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a critical area for any business with an online presence. It involves using keywords in content that are in sync with the most-searched terms on popular search engines like Google.

While larger companies have the benefit of dedicated SEO teams that ensure their website stays atop search engine ranking parameters, most smaller outfits don’t or can’t afford this expense, which puts them at a distinct disadvantage vis-à-vis their bigger rivals.

As an SEO expert, you could get in touch with such companies and offer your services as an SEO consultant to even the odds a little.

Top SEO courses in Search Engine Optimization, Click here

8. Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazon is the leading e-commerce site in the world. Many people are making a lucrative income via Amazon affiliate program alone.

Research a product or a category, in which there is low competition on SERPs. In which, you can easily rank.

At the same time, don’t forget to read the product reviews on Amazon and other sites.

Share your honest opinions about the product.

Put the Amazon affiliate links in your content. You’ll get the commission for every sale that happens via your link.

9. Website flipping

This is one of the great passive income avenues if you do it the right way with a proper set of team members.

Did you know that at an average there are thousands of new websites added to the worldwide web on a daily basis? Now obviously, all of them don’t work (or make money) and a majority go defunct or are put up for sale in a matter of months or a few years.

Buying and flipping websites involve buying (loss-making websites for cheap) and reselling them for a nice profit after a bit of re-fixing and fine-tuning. It’s like the online avatar of a realty agent who flips homes to book a tidy profit for himself.

The price that the other person pays for a website depends upon different factors like:

  • Quality of the content
  • Brandability of the domain name
  • Social media followings
  • Email subscribers
  • Backlink profile
  • Traffic – Diversified traffic works great
  • Post-sale guidance and assistance they receive

There are several online sites that can help you buy and sell websites like Flippa & Empire Flippers and which can help you get started.

10. Pick & Drop Services

A pick & drop service is basically an online platform that automatically pairs clients with suitable pickers who complete small errands for them – like delivering a package or picking up the groceries – for a fee.

This can be easily accomplished by hiring a small team – preferably with two-wheelers and GPS-enabled phones – who can be directed to complete the tasks, while you act as the central coordinator between the clients and your team.

Final words

With the internet rapidly making inroads into homes and offices globally, it makes good business sense to start thinking in terms of starting an online business for yourself.

These are not the only online businesses that are profitable. But I think the above are the top ones as of now. Especially the online training will be big soon.

Once you dive into any of the above fields, you’ll come across many small blue oceans that are crystal-clear for you to be tapped.

Think carefully before making your choice for the online business ideas but once you do, don’t look back.

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