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How To Constantly Improve Yourself

Over the past four years, I’ve interviewed more than 300 highly influential experts in the business, personal growth, and peak performance industry.

I have been able to transform my own life and go beyond:

  • Broke and in debt
  • Depressed and highly anxious
  • Reeling from a devastating breakup
  • Dealing with chronic health issues
  • Working in a miserable job

To now:

Running a 7-figure business built around my passions
Motivated, excited, and living life with joy
Having an abundant dating life and an amazing girlfriend
Getting into the best shape of my life and feeling amazing

These changes didn’t happen overnight.

Instead, they were the result of a handful of positive habits compounded over several years.

That 20 habits that I have used to accelerate my success, kick the fear in the face, overcome my frustration, and live the life of my dreams.

1. Get 8–9 Hours of High-Quality Sleep Every night

Most people underestimate the importance of sleep.

They think they can apply energy for 5-6 hours a day and be just as successful as their “sleeping head high” colleagues.

According to all of the best science and research, they’re completely wrong.

Getting a sufficient amount of high-quality sleep every-night is imperative for physical health, mental health, and peak performance.

If you aren’t currently sleeping at least 7 hours a night then this MUST be the first habit that you implement.

Blackout your room. Turn the thermostat to 65. Quit eating and drinking alcohol 3–5 hours before sleep. Set a 2 p.m. “Caffeine Curfew”.

You can check, 9 benefits of sleeping

If you do this, you will change your life.

2. Read some personal development books for 15 minutes every day

If you are committed to reading personal development, business, or relationship books for just 15 minutes each day, you can take action on what you are reading.

Your life will never be the same.

If you are looking for a good place to get started you can check out my post where I share the 50+ books that everyone should read.

3. Breathe and Smile

Every single morning when I wake up I take 10 deep breaths and smile.

Life is a gift.

We don’t know how long it will last, what we will accomplish, or what we will get to experience in this lifetime.

And that’s the beauty of it.

It’s truly amazing to be alive. And You can discover yourself how amazing you are by taking 10 seconds every morning!

4. Watch 10 Minutes of a Standup Comedian

They say that laughter is the best medicine and they’re right

Most mornings, I will try and watch a short snippet from one of my favourite comedians for 10–15 minutes.

This puts me in a fantastic state, starts my days with laughter, and helps me to approach my day with a more positive attitude.

Just this once it’s ok to give in to your YouTube addiction.

Here is the top listed standup comedian.

Seriously… It’s fine.

5. Meditate for 10 Minutes a Day

Here are some of the top artists on the Daily Exercise, shared by Manny Habits.

Meditation is one of them.

Of the 400 experts I’ve interviewed on my podcast, I would estimate that 75–80% of them practice some sort of daily mindfulness exercise.

It doesn’t need to be complicated either.

You can use a guided meditation app like Headspace of Omvana. Or you can simply sit in silence for a few minutes each day and focus on your breath.

Either way, you will reap the many benefits of meditation

(and it doesn’t take long to do it).

6. Take a 2–3 Minute Cold Shower

Every morning after my usual hot shower, I turn the water to bone-chillingly cold for about 2–3 minutes and stand under the icy blasts.

I’ve been doing this for years and cannot recommend it enough.

While the health benefits of cold showers are overstated, to say the least, the mental benefit of intentionally exposing yourself to discomfort in the morning is not.

Do this every day for a year and TRY to remain unchanged.

This will

7. Drink a Green Smoothie Each Morning

While the debate about meat vs. no meat continues to rage on, one thing is abundantly clear.

In order to perform at optimal levels, look great, and feel your best you NEED more green vegetables in your diet.

If you are like me, then you probably don’t want to choke down 6 servings of Kale every day so I opt for a green smoothie.

You can use something like Organific from Drew Canola’s

brand or a similar green mix, but I prefer a handful of greens, a few cruciferous veggies, and 2 servings of fruit.

It tastes great and makes you feel amazing.

8. Talk to Two Strangers a Day

I used to have crippling social anxiety.

I couldn’t talk to strangers to save my life and god-forbid I saw a beautiful woman that I wanted to talk to…

Today, I have an abundant social life and 0 anxiety.

How did I do it?


I talked to 2 strangers a day for almost 3 years.

I challenge you to try this for yourself.

Talk to people in line while you wait for coffee. Strike up a conversation on the bus. Get out and socialize more.

It will change your life, relieve social anxiety, and expand your social network in a way you would never expect.

9. Stop Complaining

Did you know that complaining can literally make your brain smaller? Did you know it can also increase your risk for early death and increase chronic pain?

Well… According to science, it can and it does.

Complaining has no benefits and causes a slew of physical and psychological issues.

So quit your bitching and you will change your life.

10. Save 10% of everything you earn

There’s nothing better than looking at your bank account and realizing that, even if everything in your world turned upside down, you would still be ok.

As soon as, founded Myself of My God and my business, my life depends on e-garden saving and bricks.

The peace of mind and opportunities that it has afforded me cannot be understated.

Set up your bank account so that 10% of your income is automatically drafted into a savings account that isn’t easily accessible.

You won’t notice the money leaving, but after a few years, you will be sitting on a healthy chunk of change that will allow you to live life on your terms.

11. Say “No” More

People are often criticized for being too selfish.

In my opinion, the real problem is how unselfish most people are.

99% of the population doesn’t value their time, energy, or money and therefore, they are controlled by the 1% that does.

When you are constantly saying “Yes” to things that you don’t want to do or even things that might be good but not great, you limit yourself and handicap your success.

Be kind and courteous. Of course. Give back and help those in need.

But stop saying “Yes” to stupid crap that drains your energy and doesn’t provide real value for yourself and the world.

12. Go to the Gym 4 Days a Week

Richard Branson truly said that exercise is the reason he was able to build the Virgin brand to 10-figures.

And after 3–4 years of consistent exercise, I understand why.

The lessons you learn in the gym will have a positive effect in every area of your life and leave you feeling better, looking, and performing better than before.

Pick a simple program that you enjoy and stick to it.

When you fall off a horse (and you go), take it easy on yourself and renew your commitment to fitness as soon as possible.

13. Do Yoga Before Bed Each Night

Most people underestimate the importance of physical mobility.

Gives focus and strength, speed and shape, boots just give a second thought to mobility.

I had this mindset for years until chronic pain forced me to take up a yoga practice.

The benefits were astounding.

My strength improved. My sex life improved. My overall sense of wellbeing improved. EVERYTHING in my life improves when it takes time to slowly move and expand.

Even a simple 10-minute flow at the end of the day can dramatically constantly improve yourself and fitness and help you fall asleep that much faster.

14. Stop Eating Sugar

Processed sugar is poison.

I never realized just how poisonous it was until I cut it out of my life.

Sugar screws up your system in more ways than one and causes significant damage to your brain and insulin tolerance.

Cutting all processed foods out has been one of the best decisions I ever made.

It’s hard at first, but after the first few months, you will wonder how you ever survived to eat as much crappy processed garbage as most people do.

15. Spend Time with Empowering and Positive People

You have an average of five people who are most collaborative.

Don’t spend time with broken or Unhappy people, you will be broke and unhappy too.

If you spend time with positive and empowering people you will become more positive and empowered.

Although, you don’t need to look at the research to see the truth.

Successful people spend time with successful people.


This isn’t to say that you can’t hang out with your friends who aren’t A+ entrepreneurs.

But you must be very cautious who you allow into your social circle.

Negative people are toxic to your success and happiness.

You need to cut them out from your life, replace them with the positive person and that will change yours forever.

16. Write Down 10 Things You are Grateful For

Every morning I write down 5–10 things that I’m grateful for.

There is a significant amount of evidence

showing that a daily gratitude practice can have a tremendously positive effect on your life.

Any time I am stressed or anxious I revert back to this practice.

It helps refocus my attention on what’s GREAT and eradicate any negative emotions that may arise.

17. Tell Someone that You Love Them

Life is too Short! Don’t miss your important things!

I experienced the loss of 5 family members in an 18 month period and it rocked my whole perspective on life.

Life is fragile and the people that you love the most may not be here tomorrow.

Each day, tell someone that you care for him, Love them.

It will strengthen your relationship, make you both feel better, and ensure that you never have to live with the regret of things left unsaid.

18. Make your bed

As silly as it may sound, there are profound cognitive benefits of making your bed each morning.

William McRaven wrote an entire book. He said,

When you wake up every morning, just try to remember or do something funny. That will make you much better for this day!

It might not seem like much, but compounded over the years, this simple habit can change everything.

19. Use Affirmations Daily

It might sound “Woo Woo” but there is significant evidence pointing to the efficacy of positive self-affirmations

Simply put, your words have more power than you think.

If you tell yourself that you are a no-good, lazy, POS, that’s how you will feel and act.

If you tell yourself that you are a hard-working badass who is destined for greatness, then guess what? Your brain will start pushing you towards that identity.

Spend 5 minutes in the shower every morning reciting positive affirmations and I promise you… You’ll feel the effects.

I know it’s not a habit, but this shift in the general mindset will change how you look and live … forever.

I hope this helps! Go put these habits to work in your own life and watch the magic unfold.

It might take months, years, or even decades, but if you do the things that I’ve just shared with you… I promise that you will live a life filled with love, fulfilment, and joy.

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