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Japanese Street Food: Mouth Watering Street Food of Tokyo

Tokyo is the largest food city in the world with almost 226 Michelin-starred restaurants. Tokyo has many restaurants per capita than in other cities. There are several foods to try in Tokyo in addition to ramen and sushi, which is somewhat cheap and quite affordable. Here are some street foods you should try on the list.

1.     Tempura

Mouth Watering Street Food of Tokyo

Tempura is a quintessential dish usually consisting of seafood, meat, and vegetables that have been battered and deep-fried. The dish was introduced by the Portuguese residing in Nagasaki through the fritter-cooking techniques within the sixteenth century. It’s juicy to eat and one in every of the worldwide famed Japanese dishes.

2.     Miso Paste

Mouth Watering Street Food of Tokyo

Miso means fermented beans in Japanese. It is a traditional Japanese seasoning made by fermenting soya beans with salt and koji. It is an important part of Japanese Cuisine. Differing kinds of fermentation create differing kinds of Miso. In Japan, there’s miso soup with nearly every meal. Miso has an enriching history of 1300 years. Each prefecture of Japan has its kind of style.

3.     Sake

Mouth Watering Street Food of Tokyo

Sake or Japanese rice wine is the national potable of Japan. This well-liked liquor is made from fermented rice. Sake is usually clear or light-weight in color and contains a sweet flavour. Every reasonably bottle of sake has its special rice and water. It usually contains fourteen to sixteen % alcohol.

4.     Oden

Mouth Watering Street Food of Tokyo

Oden is a Japanese hotpot essentially for winter, however, it’s typically seen within the streets of Tokyo. It refers to the wide assortments of stewed ingredients like fish cakes, tofu, meat, vegetables, inori mushrooms, eggs, radishes, and many more. It is cooked in rich flavoured dashi based broth which is made with dried bonito flakes, some soya sauce, a little bit of sake, and other secret recipes. Its smell is, therefore, very nice, and it tastes juicy and delicious.

5.     Yakitori

Mouth Watering Street Food of Tokyo

Yakitori or grilled chicken skewers best enjoyed in winter. It’s a known bar snack created with completely different parts of the chicken like the thighs, breasts, skin, liver, heart, and different internal organs. Chicken parts are cut into small pieces and seasoned with tare sauce or salt. It’s grilled smoky chicken coated in sauce with a nice style.

6.     Takoyaki

Mouth Watering Street Food of Tokyo

Takoyaki or octopus balls or also known as octopus dumplings are one of the popular street dishes. It’s a ball-shaped crispy Japanese snack or appetizer made of wheat flour-based batter and cooked in a special molded pan. It’s filled with green onions, pickled ginger, and minced octopus with a soft and very moist texture. Takoyaki is usually served with a sauce and eaten with toothpicks.

7.     Tamagoyaki

Mouth Watering Street Food of Tokyo

In Japanese, Tamago means eggs, therefore Tamagoyaki is a well-liked egg dish. It is a kind of Japanese dish served on a stick, exceptionally tasty, and a fluffy sweet dish created by rolling many layers of seasoned eggs in a very rectangular fry pan.

8.     Yakisoba

Mouth Watering Street Food of Tokyo

Yakisoba is Japanese stir-fried noodles tossed in with small pieces of pork, fresh cabbage, onions, bean sprouts, carrots with a generous splash of Worcestershire based sauce. The word soba means buckwheat, Yakisoba noodles are made from wheat flour. This dish was introduced to Japan during the 20th century.

9.     Anpan

Mouth Watering Street Food of Tokyo

Anpan is a Japanese vogue pastry first made by a samurai in 1875. It’s a sweet soft roll with seasonally ever-changing fillings. It’s commonly crammed with Anko (red bean paste), throughout cherry blossom season Anpan crammed with sakura and in fall crammed with chestnuts.

10. Taiyaki

Mouth Watering Street Food of Tokyo

Taiyaki is found nearly all over in Tokyo town. They are small waffle-like fish-shaped cakes traditionally stuffed with Anko (red bean paste) which is made from sweetened azuki beans. Different fillings perhaps cheese, custard, chocolate, ice cream, matcha cream, or sweet potato is also popular.

11. Ikayaki

Mouth Watering Street Food of Tokyo

Ikayaki also is known as grilled or baked squid is a popular Tokyo street food. The portion of a squid may be served the whole squid body, ring cuts from the body or one or more tentacles depending on the size doused with soy sauce and seasonings, skewered, and grilled. This dish can be served as a side dish or main dish or as an appetizer. It’s largely enjoyed throughout Japanese summer festivals.

12. Dango

Mouth Watering Street Food of Tokyo

Dango is a kind of dumplings made from Mochiko (rice flour) and bears similarities to mocha. This rice-based sweet is often served with traditional green tea. Three to five Dango are served in skewers. It can be enjoyed all around the year. This sticky rice ball has several variations one will opt for consistent with their style. They are quite common and may be found at convenience stores.

13. Kakigori

Mouth Watering Street Food of Tokyo

Kakigori or Japanese ice shaved dessert is a street food best enjoyed in the summer. It’s one amongst the world’s oldest deserts that were once luxury confection consumed by Japanese nobles throughout the eleventh century. This clean-shaven frozen dessert topped with fruit-flavoured syrups or a lot of trendy creations like caramel and chocolate. Kakigori is sold-out at festivals and fireworks displays (Hanabi).

14. Onigiri

Mouth Watering Street Food of Tokyo

Onigiri or Japanese rice ball is additionally called o-musabi, nigirimeshi is an authentic Japanese dish prepared with rice, filling, and nori sheets (dried seaweed made into black sheets). Onigiri is created by packing cooked rice along, moulding it into a triangular or the other form by hand, then inserting different ingredients into the rice. Most onigiri could have a filling like a tuna dressing, grilled salmon flake, dried bonito flake, and lots of others

15. Dorayaki

Mouth Watering Street Food of Tokyo

Dorayaki is perhaps one of the most popular Japanese sweets. It is traditionally made of two castella pancakes, sandwiched along by Anko or red bean paste. It’s additionally crammed with chestnuts, matcha cream, topping, or sakura fillings. A Japanese popular anime character Doraemon from the 1980s is named for his fondness for Dorayaki.

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