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Kidney disease, Dialysis, Stem cells

Yesterday one of my longtime old patients died. Can’t be upset over dead people. That’s why I was so upset with him until he finally breathed his last. Not only me, his two daughters were also upset. His diabetes for many years. Neglected in treatment. Then from there came kidney failure. He did not address kidney disease. Last month, the stage of dialysis went up. But he will not dialysis. Because these are fake treatments. He died last night at the age of 47.

Knowledge about kidneys

You have two fillers in your body, they are called kidneys. Their big task is two.

  • Keep your blood clogged regularly to keep your blood clean. He removes the contaminants in the blood and puts the vital material in the blood.
  • Making some important hormones. That is, she does a major filtering and also works as a hormone making factory. The hormones that are produced in this factory. The major functions of the hormone are to make blood, supply calcium and control blood pressure.

What if the kidney is damaged?

As I said work, now you think what will happen to you if your kidney slows down?

  • The effect will be on seeing contaminated substances in the blood. Will be upset, body will feel bad.
  • The necessary blood component will be removed with a filter. As a result, the absence of the necessary ingredients will have different effects on the body. One of which is the lack of protein to swell the body in water.
  • Blood will not be formed. That is, hemoglobin will be reduced, anemia will appear.
  • Calcium deficiency will result in various bone diseases.
  • Blood pressure will increase.

What diseases can occur in the kidney?

There are thousands of kidney diseases. Not all diseases mean that your kidneys end. Kidney stones, cyst, infection, boil type disease, AKI, CKD, etc. are many more. One of the most dangerous of these is the condition called CKD. When the patient goes to the last stage of CKD, there is no other way to activate the kidney.


The bad news is that if our kidney cells are completely destroyed by CKD or something else, it will never recover. New kidney cells also do not grow. So once the machine is damaged, there is no chance of repair.

So what will be the treatment? I think you can tell if you think a little.

  • The filtrate is totally wasted? – The blood filter from the outside should work. (Dialysis)
  • Hormones are not made? – Give hormones from the outside. The ingredients that make up the hormone have to be given. (Iron tablets, calcium tablets, hormone injections
  • The essential things of the body are going out? – Push from the outside. (Blood Push, Protein Push). This is medical.

The intelligent people with kidney disease with these treatments survive for 8-20 years. And fools – will eat herbal? Or go to Singapore? Do dialysis? Or will l show up? Which is a fake treatment? Which of the original therapists would burst into death to argue these thoughts?

Explain some familiar words…


There is a lot of debate about this term. I hope you now understand what this thing is. I say more, there is no such thing as dialysis if you have kidney disease. For kidney patients whose kidneys stop functioning altogether, dialysis is the only way to shed blood from the outside.

Suppose your kidney is not working for 2 to 6 months due to a disease (such as AKI). During those months you were saved with dialysis support. If the kidney is right then it will not be necessary. Suppose your kidneys are completely gone by the last stage of CKD. Then there is no other way. The rest of his life will be spent on dialysis.

The most annoying question is, “Brother, once you start dialysis or does it have to last a lifetime?”

I will not answer this question. If you understand the above, you will know that this question is a mistake.

Kidney transplant

Another direct solution to all problems is to fit one kidney into another. Many do it too. Many previous discoveries. Being in Bangladesh too. However, it will not happen if one kidney fits in from the road. Donor has to undergo some further tests, including blood groups. Then it is possible. The best match is to give someone in the family.

Next Generation Kidney Medicine
Stem Cell Therapy

As I said above, once the kidney cells are destroyed, they do not recover. Therefore, since it cannot be fixed, training another kidney cell and acting as kidney cell is a solution. Isn’t it?

Currently this type of method has been discovered. It’s called stem cell therapy.

Those who succumb to this therapy can survive slowly without dialysis and by taking fewer medications. Succous rate is not bad to hear. However, not all big stars have yet to fully agree as this research is not yet a complete research.

Discovery of artificial kidneys

Yes, artificial kidneys have been made possible. And that’s been in the experimental research phase since this year. If he passes the test it will be good news. Kidney wasted patients will be able to walk to the market and put artificial kidney on the doorstep and walk home.

Dr. Shuvo Roy

Whether you know or not, the first artificial kidney detector but a Bangladeshi-American! Dr. Shuvo Roy.

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