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Social Psychology Behind Fashion


Social Psychology Behind Fashion

What area unit the foremost fascinating ways in which sign theory has formed our modern culture? originally appeared on Quora – the data sharing network wherever compelling queries area unit answered by individuals with distinctive insights.

Answer by Judith Donath, author of The Social Machine and former director of the Sociable Media Group, on Quora.

One quite fascinating method that sign has formed the modern human world is that the rise of fashion, in vesture, however conjointly in several alternative areas, as well as slang, automotive styling, management theories, programming languages, painting designs, etc. Like several pricey signals, fashion seems lightheaded and wasteful: why will we feel a requirement to continually replace absolutely treats with one thing new and different?

My hypothesis is that fashion may be a signal of one’s talent with data — of one’s access thereto and one’s ability to tell apart smart data from dangerous. To be at the forefront of latest fashions you’ve got to each be aware about knowing what’s new and forthcoming and even be ready to distinguish that goes to be consequent cool new issue from one thing that’s simply odd and completely different. the price in fashion is that the risk of creating a slip, of adopting the incorrect issue.

Social Psychology

The rate of modification in fashion, the acceleration of data, moves quicker and quicker. round the time of the birth of fashion around the fifteenth-century data moved terribly slowly. It may take a year for the knowledge regarding what was being worn within the courts of Paris to succeed in a aristocrat in Republic of Poland. these days fashion moves round the globe in a flash and fashion changes quicker and quicker. On the negative facet, fashion therefore creates tremendous waste, understanding the motivation behind it’s key to meliorative this drawback.

But fashion is additionally closely associated with innovation adoption. we are able to think about them as orthogonal phenomena: a pure fashion has no sensible utility and is adopted entirely for sign social position whereas the best innovation is all utility, adopted for its utility. Understanding their interaction helps U.S. perceive why new ideas do and don’t unfold.

This question originally appeared on Quora. – the data sharing network wherever compelling queries area unit answered by individuals with distinctive insights. you’ll be able to follow Quora on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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