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Turkish Street Food: Remarkable Istanbul Street Food

Istanbul is the largest city in Europe and a dense area in Turkey, with almost 15.52 million inhabitants. Istanbul is a culturally diverse city, so anyone from anywhere in the world is welcome here. It is also referred to, as the Muslim street food paradise. Some people visit Turkey for its enriching history, but it can also visit for its delicious, worthwhile foods. Here is a list of street food to check on later.

1.   Adana kebab

Remarkable Istanbul Street Food

Turkey is very much famous for its savory kebab recipe. This kebab is named after the city of Adana. Adana kebab is made by lamb meat or tail fat, kneaded with spices, and then grilled on charcoal. Then served with a loaf of thin bread, very flavorful salad prepared with onions, parsley, tomato, and chili. If you add a little bit of lemon juice, it will give you a very delicate texture. It smells very smoky, and it’s spicy to eat.

2.   Kaymak

Remarkable Istanbul Street Food

Kaymak is a creamy dairy product that is very similar to clotted cream made from water buffalo, cows, sheep, or goats drizzled in honey. It’s not too sweet to eat, has a rich and thick texture, creamy. Kaymak has a high percentage of milk fat, which is about 60%.

3.   Baklava

Remarkable Istanbul Street Food

Baklava is an iconic sweet dish. It’s composed primarily of sheets of phyllo dough, finely crushed pistachios, cinnamons, walnuts butter and sugar syrup or honey, water, and lemon juice. First, the dough is baked then after baking, a syrup which may include sugar, rosewater orange flower water, or honey is poured over the baked baklava, and then it is served with garnished ground nuts.

4.   Lahmacun

Remarkable Istanbul Street Food

It is a kind of thin bread that resembles pizza and topped with minced beef or lamb as well as vegetables and herbs. Its dough is made very thin, then rubs on a mixture of meat, spices, chili flakes. Then uses a thin long wooden poodle to feed it into the wood fire oven then served with garnish parsley, lemon juice, and bread. It is very much crispy to eat.

5.   Pide

Remarkable Istanbul Street Food

Pide is a boat look-alike dish that resembles pizza more than the lahmace. It is a type of flatbread that folded over an edge, which turns it into a pizza boat filled with turkey peynir cheese, a cheese made from goat milk, and filled with ground beef raw egg york and butter. It melts very quickly in the mouth. Apart from it, this dish can also have a variety of toppings.

6. Dondurma

Remarkable Istanbul Street Food

Dondurma is a Famous Turkish traditional ice-cream quite different from regular smooth ice cream. This ice cream is made by Salep (powder of orchid bulbs), making this ice cream stretchy and chewy. .It has a unique, sticky, and elastic type texture and doesn’t melt quickly.

7. Cag kebab

Remarkable Istanbul Street Food

Cag kebab is a horizontally layered spiced lamb kebab. It cooked on a rotating spit on the wood fire. Little skewers are used to puncture the meat and a knife at the same time to slice it off then serve these juicy flavored, thinly sliced pieces of meat hiding behind the wrappers.

8. Simit

Remarkable Istanbul Street Food

Simit is a circular or ring bread encrusted with sesame seed, poppy flax flower, or sunflower seeds. It is eaten as a breakfast or snack with a cup of tea or ayran. The dough is very familiar to a bagel, except instead of boiling, the dough is shaped and dipped into fruit molasses with water before being baked with a coating of sesame seeds on top. In Turkey, there are many simit street vendors or mobile simit stalls, especially in Istanbul.

9.   Ayran

Remarkable Istanbul Street Food

Ayran is one kind of a lightly salted yogurt drink, which is often seen at the street Istanbul or served with a dish. It’s not too creamy, salty, and a cold drink.

10. Balik Ekmek

Remarkable Istanbul Street Food

Balik ekmek is typical Turkish street food. There are many Balik Ekmek ( fish sandwich) restaurants or street vendors right by the Bosphorus river. The sandwich is filled with grilled fish, salad, tomatoes, and onions inside a bun of Turkish bread.

11. Menemen

Remarkable Istanbul Street Food

Menemen is a quintessential Turkish dish commonly eaten for breakfast. This dish includes eggs, tomato, green bell peppers, and spices such as ground red and black pepper cooked in olive oil or sunflower oil. Meat, sausages (sucuklu yumurta), white cheese may also add.

12. Cay

Remarkable Istanbul Street Food

Cay is a popular Turkish drink. Many people admire this drink. Black tea is the traditional Turkish tea, and it consumed massively. It’s always offered in small tulip-shaped glasses. You can add sugar, but not milk, or have it lighter or darker depending on taste because Turkish tea is prepared by pouring strong tea into the glass and then cutting it with water to obtain the desired concentration. Turkey produces about 6% of world tea production. Herbal tea is very much popular with tourists such as Elma cayi (apple), kusburnu cayi(rosehip) and ihlamur cayi (linden flower) flavored tea are the most popular ones.

13. Turk Kaveshi

Remarkable Istanbul Street Food

Turkish coffee is made by using finely ground coffee beans unfiltered. Its prepare in a small cezve, a small pot with long handle traditionally made of copper. Sugar is never added after serving but during the cooking process. Turkish coffee is more robust than Espresso.

14. Midye Dolma

Remarkable Istanbul Street Food

Midye dolma or plump, rice-stuffed mussels are one of Istanbul’s accessible and common street foods. It is full of mixed with blend rice, nuts, spices such as raisins, pine, nuts, saffron, black pepper, chili flakes, parsley, cinnamon, herbs, and dill. To eat midye dolma, firstly, the top shell should be gently broken then add some lemon juice so that the mussel and rice are not dry and so spices are easily mixed and tasted.

15. Cig Kofte

Remarkable Istanbul Street Food

Cig Kofte is a raw meatball dish made of ground beef or lamb, pounded wheat, and red pepper. In Turkey, it is a ban (in 2009) to sell raw cig kofte.

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