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What is Google?

The Google that we know is that but today a company has become part of a big company! Stand up, do not be excited, Google’s founder has brought many departments or companies under an umbrella today. Its founder Larry Page is the parent company that created many companies or departments with the name Alphabet. To know more about this, please give me a couple of points below. This formula is quite interesting to bring out the news and get out of it. However, as I have said, do not be tensed, write a little to highlight the reality, if you want to tie it more then be very happy!

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Latest news update :


Official Google Blog

In 2015, Google embodies its independent affiliation, in the name of the company Alphabet. Larry Page has created this superfine with 11 companies. In 2015, Google embodies its independent affiliation, in the name of the company Alphabet. Larry Page has created this superfine with 11 companies. Google is in its own place, under the leadership of the Sundar Pichai of its new CEO.

Google’s former founder and Superintendent Larry Page has been named as the supreme commander of the Alphabet, meaning the CEO and Google’s associate founder Sergey Brin has been appointed as the President of various projects or branches. Interestingly, each one of these 11 branches has a CEO, so the work of both of these is where the help of a CEO is needed to increase their hands.

Let us know this 11 arm and its short identity

  1. Boston Dynamics:

In the past 2013, Google joined the company as a separate company and later joined Google. Its work mainly focuses on the use of robots and various organisms, and to produce such automated robots. They have a robot dog named “Spot”. Now, this organization could not get the full details of what exactly as a separate branch, but we can provide a pleasant report on it.

Regarding the responsibility, you’ll love this dog’s robot, and you can visit their own website.

  1. Calico or California Life Company:

This is Google and Gratuity Arthur de Levinson, created in 2013. Its main purpose is to show the way to prevent old age and prevention of the disease. Larry and Brin are working directly on this. More interesting is that Levinson said above? He is the CEO of our most familiar Apple CEO!

Take a look at this Calico’s own website, at least its cover. It is important to know that it is an organization or department to work on issues related to fever or age-related problems.

This organization mainly works on the upper section of therapeutics that most of us can not guess. They work on medicine or preparations, molecular biology (genetics), genetics or technology (no religious genes!) And genetic biology. I do not know what this last thing is, but I’m guessing that high-level computer analytics and various diagnostic tools will work.

  1. Capital:

Previously known as Google Capital, and now only the capitalist means that the headwinds of different concerns about this annoying tactical deal.

To know more about this work, you can visit this website from their own website.

And if you want to know briefly, I can say that they invested in Alphabet, which meant that the previous Google did. Stand up does not mean I or you will open the company, if you ask for money, they are very intelligent, so that the company is growing bigger but the need for money to grow bigger is for this branch. They are basically Google’s hands to invest. More spots are said to tell Google that the entire company is working for the company to buy or buy it.

  1. Deep Mind

This branch is as big a mystery as his name. The British company started its own journey in 2011 and bought it Google in 2014. Then Google does not say anything about its work. What I find is that they are artificial intelligence and basically work based on algorithms. Originally it was a Deep Dream project as Google’s organism, but the people outside it do not know what works under Alphabet.

As far as it is known from their web, it is a work on the artificial intelligence and how it can be used in human society, a group of ambitious people are working on it. If you have an example, you might be able to understand a bit, you have taken a beautiful scenic landscape and took pictures of wild animals in that place, trying to create something more by imagining the color of the imagination. If you are tired of technical knowledge, then Google will give you a free tool. Like Mahatma Sukumar Ray, you and Hassaru will be able to portray some imagination pictures, your ideas and odds The software will create a weird picture or three-dimensional effect. Besides, they are taking this kind of intelligent researcher or meritorious person who will give this machine-driven intelligence a different look. If you give an example, you will probably get some idea, one thing is that I have to think about some of the external systems of your mind. That means, taking a picture of the mind, however, these are very big things, so leaving the source of their website. I’ll try later if I can say a little easier. Find them here.

  1. Original hero Google

For the reason that we know everything else, Google is still the world’s largest branch with its key features. Google’s own arm means us to be familiar with the technology or search engine, web browser, advertising technology, mobile and Android and Chrome software and everyone’s favorite YouTube. Under his control there is.

New Project Google Fi:

This is a new step in Google’s mobile internet and messaging. On the other hand, to write different texts, however, you can get this facility on Google’s Nexus Phone in different models of Google which sell it on Motorola (some). It is not SIM-based, but you can get this facility at a monthly price in different places, with different operators and areas, especially on free Wi-Fi facilities. At present, the US citizen gets access to 170 countries in the country and abroad, through the regional and international management of this internet facility. For more details on this, you can look for expatriates in America. As far as I understand, the balloon is going to spread this service across the globe through the Internet or satellite system. The balloon system will be discussed sometime.

Simply say that with that service you can do any other phone or other work on the Internet because your main number will be in the cloud. Besides, the monthly contract or data usage is very transparent, which can not be used, it will go in the next month. Apart from this, there are many good aspects, including enhancing its use or calculating the bills.

Google Project Fi

  1. Hooli

It’s exactly what Larry Page can say, Larry, originally a comedy series from the Silicon Valley of HBO, has been a real company of the legendary company. But I can not understand the details of the page, but what I know is that the cloud means the work of innovation through the Internet’s uninterrupted server and the secret research on the drone and the related project related to it. After trying to know more if we can learn more. I give a formula but it does not show much information. Project Hooli

  1. Life Sciences

The Google X started with the later became a single organization. It’s like the calico above, but it works on living organisms or objects. It may have been emphasized separately for assistance with Calico. This organization has created a special consultative contact lens but we do not know what else is doing.

What I am learning is that it has changed the name of Verily, whose source means to give their web address, basically combining technologies and therapeutics, they are talking about the great plan to solve human problems in reality. Like the previous ones, there are Indian human beings, and like that, like that calico, we can see a wide range of work related to the DNA between the jinn or its interiors. Its creator Sergey Brin If necessary, they can see other labs and mergers. Click them in this place to know about them.

  1. Next Lab

Using the thermodynamics and implementing the intelligent device, it’s way to go with Google X and later, separate agencies, it makes your control stronger by using a smart light or protection camera for yourself. Not only this, it is its goal that the device itself can take action to prevent my electricity consumption or to prevent any accidents. This branch is working to provide a complete solution across Google’s hardware division. By working on the hardware and software division it is working together. Their work will be very attractive and interesting if there is a lot of things to look good on their website.

  1. Venture

It’s just like the previous capital, but this company helps new companies. It was, however, that the alphabet was created or confused with its own companies under the control of Google. Stand up before being encouraged in this case, which Google has helped with the company, after buying it themselves. Started in 2009 and invested in 300 companies. They are interested in the place of artificial intelligence, health, specialty and so on. I have found that this company is investing in the new thinking or talent of that person and that is one way to use it.

  1. X lab

This is a very surprising and controversial organization. Here the smart glasses mean that Google Glass was born. It has been invented in the absence of driving cars, with the simplest word today, as many intelligent knowledge-makers or people who have created Google, the majority of this organization has been created. Its work is very confidential and for many people, it is the dealer of our seen terminator’s world-controlled device company Skynet.

In this place, the new balloon of the Internet balloon, the new technology of the spacecraft, the power of water from the sea water, before the self-propelled carriage is not happening! In a word, a unique combination of technology and physics, the work of a twisting of the earth is going on.

This dangerous work to the critic is that the existence of human beings in the world can be extinct or may cause conflicts between people and machines. As it is, we are hopeful, people will definitely keep a program so that the machine will never be able to bring about the thought of the annihilation of the people.

  1. Fiber

This is an exceptional Google effort. In this case, they are working on a software-based system that is not as familiar as the common distribution system, which means that home-based people in the home country of America earn one GB per second internet connection. This company works only in the USA and does not work around the globe like others.

Click here to learn more about this kind of hardware-based work such as ‘Internet for Everyone’.

They do not have to do anything other than the violence in the internet speed or service, because they are meant for the moment. Still hope, one day we too.

Google does not fill the mind with a spoon of an inanimate human talent, so there is a desire to make some other bucks. Let’s see if any one day, at any other time. Like today

Thank you very much for reading and a reference to the text, I do not give a separate reference to Google’s organization

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